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Foundation Repair

Constant expansion and contraction of the soil outside of foundation walls can create cracked or bowed basement or other subterranean walls. Unless stabilized, it can become irreparably damaged. When foundation walls fail due to outside soil pressure, cracks can form and the entire wall begins to creep inward. 

This can be corrected by installing interior steel I-beams. I-beams utilize the natural strength of your building's concrete floor and floor joist, providing an economical foundation wall reinforcement option. These I-beams add strength and support to your foundation walls, eliminating the possibility of basement wall movement. 

During installation, heavy duty, steel beams are fitted to match the height of your foundation. Each beam is secured tightly against the wall, using rugged steel brackets that anchor to the floor joists and are molded into your existing concrete basement floor. These steel reinforcement beams are warranted to stabilize your foundation walls in their current position-- with no further adjustment required. 

This service provided by Advantage Basement Waterproofing is your foundation solution for reinforcing foundation walls that are bowing, buckling or tilting inwards.


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