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Basement Waterproofing Contractors

Wet, Leaking or Flooded Basement?

A wet or leaking basement can be the result of a flood, a consecutive number of days of heavy rain, or even one heavy downpour. Water can cause the destruction of your personal property; anything kept in a basement can be damaged, from personal and household items to an entire finished room. If the issue is not taken care of it could cause lasting foundation issues.

Advantage Waterproofing CAN Help!

Advantage Basement Waterproofing has a large variety of solutions to help with multiple factors that cause a basement to leak, seep or flood. Most causes of basement flooding are avoidable and controllable. Dealing with high levels of water around the foundation or under your basement floor will help to limit this. Controlling where the water or moisture that comes through your foundation wall is directed is what we do. We use the most effective and proven system in basement waterproofing methods to ensure you can relax and enjoy your dry basement worry free!

What's the first step to a Dry Basement?

Having one of our trained waterproofing professionals give you a FREE basement inspection will let you know where your possible issues are and also inform you on how best to address them. Turning a potentially wet, or currently wet basement into a comfortable, usable, and safe area is easy; it just takes one simple phone call to do it.


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