Advantage Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair – Advantage Waterproofing System

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Advantage Waterproofing System

            Advantage Basement Waterproofing will help solve your water problems by removing the water pressure against the walls, foundation, or floor of your basement or crawl space. This involves installing a drainage system around the inside of the foundation walls.

            System installation involves removing about 12” (out from the wall) of concrete floor, digging down through the basement floor about 12”, installing the system, and then re-pouring the concrete to your level of existing floor. Since the drainage system must be specifically designed for your home, we will install what is necessary for your specific basement to keep it dry.

            Advantage Basement Waterproofing integrates the baseboard system with the subfloor drain tile system. Water soaking in around the foundation creates hydrostatic pressure. Holes tapped into the base of the blocks releases the pressure. Water flows through this low profile system (enough water to equal that of a 4” pipe) to a sump pump where it is pumped up and out from your home.

            If you're in an area often affected by power outages, especially during severe thunderstorms, a battery-powered backup sump pump may be a good idea. This kind of pump will kick on if the primary pump shuts down or fails. When power is restored, the battery-operated pump stops. Some models automatically recharge themselves. Although you'll have to spend some extra money for this extra unit, most people agree it's definitely worth it. Since many people use their basements for storage or extra living space, every precaution should be taken to protect their valuables from water damage. Consider it an insurance policy.

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